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Writing Competition

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  1. BulletWinners

2013 Winners

Latino Politics


"Representative Bureaucracy and Latino Student Achievement: A Case for Increased

Minority Representation on School Boards in US Public Schools"

Name: Meredith Dost

University: College of William & Mary

Majors: Public Policy and Hispanic Studies

Honorable Mention:

"Does Being Latino Make You More Likely to Oppose Arizona Senate Bill 1070?"

Name: Luis Adrian Lopez

University: Texas A&M University

Majors: Political Science and Philosophy

African American Politics


"Revisiting Black Poverty: Are Latinos the New Enemy?"

Name: Angel Miguel C. Mira

University: University of Notre Dame

Major and Minor: Political Science

Honorable Mention:

"The Extent to Which Racial Threat Affects Incarceration Rates in America"

Name: Chavez Adams

University: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Majors: Political Science and African American Studies

Public Administration/Public Policy


“The Bureaucratic Representation of Latino Parents by Latino School Leaders”

Name: Angie M. Bautista Chavez

University: Rice University

Major and Minor: Political Science and Policy Studies

Honorable Mentions:

“The Unheard Voice: American Muslims’ Struggle for Political Inclusion”

Name: Tahirah Dean

University: University of North Texas

Major and Minor: English, Political Science and Spanish


“An Analysis of Attention: The Passage of Texas’ Voter Identification”

Name: Margaret Murphy

University: University of Iowa

Majors: Political Science and Journalism and Mass Communication

Comparative Politics


"Navigating the Legitimacy of Authority; Assessing the Foundations of the EU as a

Partner to the Nation-State in European Governance"

Name: Mariah Bastin

University: Texas A&M University

Major and Minor: International Studies with a concentration in Politics & Diplomacy with French and a double major in German

Honorable Mention:

"Popularity and Ideology of Populist Radical Right Parties in Europe"

Name: David Ribar

University: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Majors: Economics and Political Science

Gender Politics


"A Thin Line Between Love & Hate: A State Analysis of Domestic Violence Arrest


Name: Jasmine Brooks

University: Augustana College

Major and Minor: Political Science and Communication/History

Honorable Mention:

"Of Witches and Spirit Worlds: The Portrayal of Power and Gender in Hayao Miyazaki’s

Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service"

Name: Srinitya Tripuraneni

University: University of Toledo

Major and Minor: Women's and Gender Studies

Information on past winners of the PERG undergraduate essay competition can be obtained from Abhisekh Ghosh Moulick at abhisekh@pols.tamu.edu